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Above the Clouds

Reiki and Crystal Healing 

I fell in love with reiki energy about 5 years ago, I didn't know what happened at the time, I just felt this lovely warmth, 2 weeks later I booked my flight to Thailand and found my true passion, Thai massage and Holistic treatments.  Reiki (霊気, /ˈreɪki/) is a Japanese form of energy healing, which is a subset of alternative medicine. As a Reiki practitioners we use a technique called palm healing or hands-on or off healing through which a "universal energy flows" which is transferred through the palms of the practitioner to the client in order to encourage emotional or physical healing.  

Benefits of Reiki​: 

  • Ignites your immune system & the body's natural self-healing abilities

  • Relieves stress, anxiety and depression

  • Builds confidence & self-esteem & aids personal growth 

  • Eases aches & pains

  • Alleviates sleep issues, insomnia & chronic fatigue

  • Promotes relaxation during and strengthens your overall health and wellbeing

  • Excellent when looking to restart after a trauma, life change, injury etc

  • Physical ailments i.e. migraines, sciatica, big 'C', arthritis, Parkinson's, MS, tinnitus, asthma, menopause, allergies 

  • Mental Clarity and increased awareness 

  • Extremely Grounding      

  • It can be added to the  end of a  treatment for 30 or 45 minutes depending on length of treatment booked.

A crystal treatment: involves balancing the chakras and energy body whilst releasing any stagnant energy. Crystals are a complementary therapy which help to rebalance and release any resistance held in your energy body. During this treatment any emotional issues will be released of any physical blockage.   

Crystals are chosen and placed intuitively to achieve the best results for your individual needs. Once stagnant energy is released, this treatment leaves you relaxed & re-energised and with a deeper understanding of your gifts and abilities to heal.  Both Reiki and Crystal Healing can be added onto any treatment - seeing booking link!

Cacao Ceremony An Open Heart Plant Medicine 

After a few sips of Cacao, you may feel an expansion around your heart as every cell of your body fills up with love.

ask for more information, only available in 120 minute package, see packages!

60 Minutes


Other Options available on booking link

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