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Thai  Therapy Massage

This is a remedial treatment for issues relating to the back, shoulders, neck, and knee, as well as treating the symptoms of headache, insomnia, sciatica, menopause, stress and anxiety, and many more.   This is carried out through acupressure points and massage. 

This massage can have Reiki included or Mindful Meditation work.

Benefits of Thai Therapy include

  • Releases tension from the body inducing deep rest and wellbeing.

  • Increases flexibility, mobility and range of movement throughout the body.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress; increases energy levels and vitality; and increased blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and the      immune system.

  • Boosts energy levels; through the range of acupressure points, motion and massage combined. 

  • Relieves specific energy channels and improved flow for individual issues or concerns. 

75 minutes


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